NZ EV Podcast

Hosted by Theo Gibson and Dee West

Launched mid-July 2017, the NZ EV Podcast hosted by Theo Gibson and Dee West is the place to hear about electric vehicles in New Zealand. We talk with the experts and those facilitating a local transition from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles.

Listeners will also hear about solar power, ebikes, autonomous vehicles and sustainability related subjects.

NZ EV Podcast 4: Chelsea Sexton EVangelist in NZ

NZ EV Podcast 4: Chelsea Sexton EVangelist in NZ

Dee West (solPR/ChargeNet) and EV converter and enthusiast Theo Gibson (EV Builders) talk news rumours and more. Episode 4 we talk to Chelsea Sexton, EV superstar from Who Killed the Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car.

We talk, EV climate in the USA, TRUMP vs EVs, how New Zealand compares to rest of the world, Tesla Model 3 unveiling, New Nissan Leaf, Original Rav 4 EV, Chevrolet Bolt.

NZ EV Podcast 3: EVs hit 4000 in NZ

EV Converters and enthusiasts Dee West and Theo Gibson talk news, rumours and more. Episode 3 we talk to CEO Steve West of Charge Net, EVs hit 4000 in NZ. EV sales highest ever month, Toyota consider EV production in China. China to release EV SUV with swappable battery pack. Range anxiety a thing of the past?

Topic Links:

Number of EV’s hits 4000
China could get Toyota mass-producing Electric Cars
NIO (NextEV) Unveils ES8 — Electric SUV Slated For Production Later This Year
Film: Who Killed the Electric Car


NZ EV Podcast 2: Conversion Kings

How can you make your own Electric Vehicle (EV) in New Zealand? How much does it cost? Is it legal? Is it worth it? EV Converter and Host Theo Gibson talks with fellow EV converters Nick Smith and Allan Miller about building a custom EV ICE conversion in New Zealand.

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Electric Vehicle TV

LVVTA STD Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

EV Builders

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NZ EV Podcast 1: Electric Vehicle Enthusiasm – New Zealand









EV enthusiast Dee West and EV Converter and enthusiast Theo Gibson talk talk about the EV Scene in New Zealand plus EV World, Tesla Model 3, Charge Net, Drive Electric, Leading The Charge, EVtalk and EV Builders.

Theo Gibson

EV Builders

EV Builders – Facebook

Dee West


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Ecotricity – About Buyers Guide

NZEV Owners – Facebook Group

EV Talk

Leading the charge

Drive Electric

Conferenz Events – EV World NZ

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