How to listen to a podcast

The quick and easy guide for beginners

iPhone, iPad or iPod (iOS)

To download a podcast we recommend the built-in Apple ‘Podcasts’ app is easiest. You can either search for a podcast within the app or just click the ‘Apple Podcasts’ link on any of our podcasts here at Podcasts NZ.

If you’re using an iPhone right now, click here to open the ‘Podcasts’ App and view our catalogue of top podcasts (this link also works on a Mac or PC with iTunes installed).



The easiest way is to use the included ‘Podcasts’ app from Google. Just open the app and search for podcast you’re most interested in – or just click the ‘Google Podcasts’ link on any of the podcasts listed here at Podcasts NZ.

Alternatively use any podcast app from the Google Play store – most are free. Our favourite free option is Podcast Addict


Windows or Mac

Two simple steps:

  • Choose a Podcast App:
    • Download and install the Apple iTunes application which runs on either Windows or Mac (already installed on all Macs)
    • Install an alternative podcast app – such as one from the App Store (Mac) or Marketplace (Windows).
  • Choose your Podcast:
    • Once installed, simply search for the relevant podcast