Podcast and Live Streaming Studio Auckland NZ

Auckland Podcast Studios: Audio & Video

The Podcasts NZ studios in Auckland Central are probably the home to more dedicated podcast productions than any other location in the country. Studio 1 is currently available for hire for podcasts, audio projects, video interviews, live streams and webinars – and can include access to our support team for any mix of podcast/audio production,  video recording and live streaming that you or your organisation needs.

If you’d like to hire our podcast and video studio please get in touch and we can provide a quote based on your requirements. Our studio typically includes up to 4 microphones as well as multiple video cameras (up to 4k) along with Gigabit Ultra-Fast Broadband for live streaming video and audio and backup power.

Live Streaming

Hundreds of guests have been interviewed from the Podcasts NZ studio – including top musicians, business leaders, actors, scientists and numerous politicians including an NZ Prime Minister. We can also use the podcast studio for remote interviews and webinars – such as interviews via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Webinars, Conferences, AGMs (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc)

We can facilitate, provide webinar facilities hire and manage all the technical aspects of webinar production. This may cover streaming, along with a range of other online event deliveries such as for online Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Seminars and Conferences. Where appropriate green screens can be used to facilitate virtual backgrounds.

Central Location

The podcast studio is located centrally at Level 2, 17 South Street – just off Upper Queen Street near Karangahape Road, Auckland.

Wonder if you’re eligible to use the studio for free? Or what it would cost to hire the studio. Get in touch.

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