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EV Conversion Man: Theo Gibson of the EV Podcast

Budget 2020: The Missed Opportunity

How green was the Budget?  Billed as transformational it contains big dollops of cash for the environment, rail, ferries, housing and insulation. So you’d think that climate campaigners would be happy. Errr, nope. The Budget is a missed opportunity to reshape New...

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This Climate Business
This Climate Business is the podcast about turning the climate crisis into an opportunity. Every week host Vincent Heeringa talks to entrepreneurs, investors, and experts about what they’re doing to solve the climate crisis and get us down to zero emissions by 2050 – or sooner!

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Vincent Heeringa
Vincent has covered the green business movement for so long he can still remember when Al Gore was the future next-president of America.

The co-founder of magazines like Unlimited, Idealog and Good and former chair of the Science Media Centre, he now consults to ethical and clean-tech companies and is marketing director for a VC fund.

He kills pot-plants by mistake, refuses to eat fish by choice and rides an e-bike like a wide-eyed fool.

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