This week Theo and Dee talk with EV Royalty. Fresh off the plane from Slovakia, Number 16 on the LVVTA Conversion list and the inspiration for Theo’s Toyota Sera EV conversion. The one and only Gavin Shoebridge. Not only has Gavin converted a car to electric drive but he also made a very successful series of YouTube videos as he built his EV. Enjoy our chat with Gav. Great to have him back in the country.

Show Links:
Gavin Shoebridge TV Appearance (Campbell Live 2007): – Electric Car Adventures:
Gavin – Cars, Travels, Ramblings & More:
Gav’s EV Conversion Car – Towing the Donor Car: The journey to convert an old gas car to electric starts here! I’m getting sick of paying for gas so I decided to do something about it. I’m not much of a mechanic but after doing casual research for some time, I decided I could convert a car to run on electricity by myself. No gas/hybrid oil-burning nonsense – just pure electric all the way!

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