Podcast Sponsorships + Podcast Advertising

Linking you with NZ's favourite podcasts, hosts and communities

Podcasts are a great way to connect with people – and now there are options for podcast advertising and podcast sponsorship in the NZ market.

Podcasters build relationships with their listeners that are deep when it comes to connection and trust. Just think – a typical podcast listener will give up dozens of hours each year to learn from their favourite podcast host and their show. And unlike most radio, podcasts are often full of advice and recommendations focussed on a particular niche. So in reality, many podcast fans listen to more advice and recommendations from podcasts and podcasts host than from anyone else in their life.

Our hosts will consider promoting products or service they love if they think their audience might have a similar appreciation.

If you’d like to discuss a potential partnership, drop us an email or call the Gorilla Voice office today. We make arrangements not only for the podcasts listed here, but a range of others locally, regionally and globally through our longstanding relationships with leaders in the podcasting community.