Cover StoryBrendon’s story is one of passion – for food, travel and the world. It’s easy to meet him and be envious of his journey, but this Dunedin boy has worked hard and followed his passion, grasping at every opportunity to ensure his own success.

Culinary Success

Brendon believes that we learn about others cultures through their cuisines. The two are so strongly aligned that to achieve a growth in personal culinary knowledge you must understand the cuisines and cultures of others.

He was the perfect Judge for the ENZ collaborative cooking competition in Ho Chi Minh City – June 2016.

Personal Journey

From a young child, Brendon loved working alongside his Grandparents in their hotels in the South Island of NZ. His love for hospitality and for the bakery in particular led him to Otago Polytechnic to begin his formal training in Culinary Arts. This lead to a world of travel through Australia, Thailand, China and finally to Vietnam.


Brendon’s love for the Vietnamese is clear as we chat about their welcoming nature, friendly service, sense of humour and determination to succeed through hard work and education.

Being a ChefBrendon Partridge 1

Whilst a Chef’s life is not glamorous it is certainly unique and the industry has a camaraderie that is difficult to beat.

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 Recipe of the Week –  Scampi Risotto

BrendonPartridgechef bw


22        pc                    Highford NZ Scampi

1          kg                    Canali rice

1          Tbspn              Tomato paste

1          stalk                 celery

1          ea                    carrot

2          ea                    white onion

2          bulbs                garlic

20        ml                     squid ink

100      gm                   cornstarch

500      ml                     white wine (NZ)

100      gm                   butter

100      gm                   grana pardano

1          bunch              tarragon (fresh)


  1. Make a stock/court bouillon with the scampi heads and shells, tomato paste, celery, carrot, 1 onion and garlic
  2. Cut the scampi half the scampi tales into large dice
  3. Keep the remainder of scampi tales whole for topping the risotto
  4. Dice the onion and garlic and sauté till soft
  5. Add the rice and lightly sauté again
  6. Deglaze with white wine and slowly add stock while stirring
  7. Once the rice is cooked add the squid ink
  8. Add in the diced scampi
  9. Stir in butter and cheese
  10. Plate with 1 spoon of risotto a top with 1 tail of raw scampi
  11. Add 1 PC of corn starch dentelle and fresh tarragon
  12. For dentelle, make a batter with corn starch and water with squid ink
  13. In a hot pan with oil add 1 spoon of batter and cook till crispy
  14. Take out of the pan and set aside for garnish


  • Pots
  • Non stick pan
  • Wooden spoons

Recipe from the NZ showcase at Food & Hotel Asia 2016 – By Exectutive Chef Brendon Partridge.