Niki Bezzant & Vanessa Baxter

Niki Bezzant is a writer, a speaker, an editor and an eater! She loves food and all of it. She is a believer in balance and speaks out against diets and ‘faddish’ eating types of lifestyles. Why? Because to her they are unsustainable. Her feeling is that people have become obsessed by what they can’t or shouldn’t eat rather than concentrating on a balance of lovely fresh foods – mostly from the land and the sea – that nourish us – body and soul.

Niki is the President of the Food Writers of NZ Association and Editor at Large of the Healthy Food Guide NZ. She has a TedX talk – Cupcakes and Carrots which is fabulous, and she can be heard often on the panel at RadioNZ. She is passionate about clothes and sews her own – she loves vintage designs (and rainy weather which is the perfect excuse for cooking and sewing). You will hear loads from her in our chat and you can also find out more about Niki by visiting her website.

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