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The Core/Satellite framework, what can be an everyday investors best friend. 

What a ‘core’ though?

It’s when about 50%+ of all your investments meet the following criteria (and no, this doesn’t have to be a strict rule!)

Diversified (Different styles, sectors, companies, perhaps even timeframes)

Low cost (again, not a hard and fast rule, but the core should largely be ‘set and forget’)

Acceptable volatility (all investments go up and down in value but due to diversification, if done well, this should be reduced)

The core component ‘gives you the market’ and your reward is compounding returns over time.

What’s a ‘satellite’?

It’s concentrated (more eggs in one, hopefully successful basket, gives you the opportunity for out-performance)

It’s higher cost (not always, but often the fees or transaction costs could be higher)

It’s more actively managed (either by you, or an active manager that you appoint)

Your satellite gives you a fighting change of getting a better return than what the average market return could be over time. It limits your downside at the same time.

Today, what about property? Many Kiwi’s likely view this as their core component, but considering the above, does it hit all the criteria?

This was the last News of the Money-World for 2021 – hope you enjoyed it – see you all in 2022

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