Joe & Leoni

Joe & Leoni

RebelFood started off as a small idea by Joe and his fiancée Leoni. Having always been determined to own his own restaurant by the age of 30 and upon discovering there was a chance to use a small, local kitchen as a base for production, Joe decided that the time to move away from an idea of a restaurant and take on a different challenge had arisen.

So they decided to create something that would give New Zealanders the nutrients they need, without adding anything to harm what’s natural and without taking anything away from it. They wanted to make it convenient, nostalgic and also help people understand what food really is. They want to empower each individual person to be able to say no to consuming over-priced disease in a can, and charge them as little as they can, allowing them enough money to form communities and help schools and youth, and put trust back into the food chain.

This is the premise that has formed RebelFood and their buzzing little kitchen in Queenstown.

Their ambitions are big…

  • Provide NZ with great tasting, nutritious snacks, made with a purpose.
  • Form a community.
  • Empower a nation by providing education
  • Help schools earn extra income whilst teaching kids about food health
  • Give active people the key nutrients they need to perform
  • Be amazing!

You can join their journey on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Their blogs will tell you all you need to know about their snack boxes, and their NutriBombs.

Listen to our chat and then…. ‘Join The Uprising’ – An explosion of raw nutrition. Made by humans for humanity.

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