Going for Green, Getting the Rainbow! Is it possible when investing, to have your cake and eat it too?

When aiming for the green, the Benjamin’s, alpha, ROI etc., there’s so much more you could be achieving.

Do you care about the environment? Sure, we all do right – how far would you be willing to (beyond purchasing compostable plastic bags?). How much of a premium would you pay in your world in order to protect it for you and kids?

Do you care about society? How do you feel about the slave-trade, child labour, pay-gaps? What would you be willing to do to play your part in reducing this?

Do you care about good governance? How much research are you willing to undertake on a firm on their governance structure before you make an investment?

It’s all fine and dandy to say you care about something – often it’s a bit trickier to do something about it, especially when it costs more to do it..Particularly when no-one knows you’re doing it.

Leeanna Kohn-Hardy, founder of Finappster ( a start-up that makes it easy for you to understand how socially responsible your investments are) joins me in the studio for this latest episode.