Often the very thing that stops you from participating with investing, is the very thing that could make you good at it…

That’s right, perhaps your biggest weakness, is actually you’re strength

In today’s episode, Kristen and Natalie from Hatch Invest, join me to have a discussion about…

What makes women good at investing?

How to turn your weakness into a strength

The importance of finding your tribe.

Often when the word ‘inclusive’ and ‘diversity’ are thrown about, you’re mind could easily go towards thinking this is all about just women, but it’s not. There are many groups (and many individuals who don’t even fit into a group) who currently feel (and are) excluded from the world of investing.

In any given household, it’s not uncommon to find that one party is the dominating influence when it comes to making financial decisions, but that one party is not always the most competent. It’s important that there’s an equal opportunity given to all decision-makers in the family with respect to building wealth. Why? Because often the ones who currently don’t play the game are actually going to be pretty good at it when they make a start!

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