In this brave new world we’re heading into, we need a brave new coin. Is Bitcoin dead or is there still some life? More importantly, is this something you should take seriously?

It’s easy to view the world through your own experience – often we see things as WE are, not as they are. Living in a first world country we perhaps have a slight fog on our lenses around how difficult it may be for those in other countries who do not have access to the same things we do.

We know this is true in terms of freedom, enough food to eat, security and life expectancy, but what about access to financial services. Bitcoin, the digital money for the digital world, has provided (and is increasingly providing) a lifeline in many jurisdictions worldwide. As some of us perhaps dismissed Bitcoin a couple of years ago, it’s adoption has marched on.

Andy Pickering, editor and Brave New Coin and host of the Crypto-Conversation, joins me and my co-host Jaret Lang, to discuss.

We’re covering questions today like:

What is Bitcoin?

Why should I even care about it?

Is Bitcoin dead?

Are we Bitcoin ‘investing’ or ‘speculating’?

We also throw Andy’s trademarked ‘Crypto-Hot-Take’ quick-fire question round back in his face with some surprising results.

For those of you also who are sci-fi fans, Jaret and I discuss the most powerful and creative Canadian sci-fi film every made – THE MUTANTS OF 2051 AD !


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