Whether it be your career, your business, or your investment portfolio, there will be times when you will encounter at least one of these 3 ‘R’s’

I reached out recently to some business coaches during the lock-down, just to get a sense for how things are going in the business community.

Small to medium sized enterprises employ so many Kiwi’s, and therefore by default, many are dependent on them to succeed. What’s been troubling business has also been troubling individuals also – whether it’s our business or our careers, this period of time can test us all.

What’s our response to this? Shrink back / let things die, or tough it out, take ground, and innovate? It’s actually not a simple answer!

We’re breaking this discussion broadly into three parts:

Resilience: This means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. It can also characterize the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape.

Re-start: Perhaps it’s time to let your career die/ or let your business die. This is super hard, but IF it’s the right thing to do, allowing the death to occur fully, is necessary before anything completely new can occur.

Reset: It’s important during troubling times,to take stock, and re-align to what’s truly important to you – this may not just be about finance.

In this episode, we’re not talking about ‘investments‘, we’re instead focusing the discussion on the investor. Our income, or our current base of wealth and how we invest it, has way more to do with what happens in the mind than it does in the wallet.

A bit about my special guests:

Frikkie and Pao Le Roux

This husband and wife team have over 40 years combined business and management experience working with executives and managers in business.

Frikkie has received several international awards for recruitment and increasing sales results.

Pao’s background in marketing, experience in training and coaching, and previous business ownership bring significant value to clients.

Steve Clark

Steve has a heart for helping people and seeing them prosper.

Steve draws on a career in risk management, training, controls assurance and pastoral support in NZ and overseas.As a Chartered Accountant Steve brings experience across various industry sectors and business processes – ‘from boiler room to board room. He operates with both a personal and structured approach to clients having been in past leadership, mentoring and pastoral roles.

If you’d like to learn more about High Performance  Training and Coaching or to download their free e-book mentioned in this podcast, visit: https://highperformance.kiwi.nz/


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