Katie Portmann is a Canadian who now calls New Zealand home. Her favourite memories are of baking cookies with her mum (or rather of stealing a bowlful of the cookie dough when her mum turned away). As an adult, she has often found herself whipping up a batch of cookie dough as a treat after a hard day of work.

Cookie Dough Collective started as a side project which soon turned into something Katie now pursues full time. She is on a mission to introduce Kiwi’s to the joys of eating raw cookie dough. Cookie Dough Collective encourages families to come together, gives people a playful alternative to traditional dessert and encourages nostalgia of being a kid making cookies again!

On this episode we talk about:

  • Bringing the US trend of eating cookie dough to New Zealand
  • The changing dessert landscape of New Zealand
  • The growing trend to support small, local businesses as a result of Covid-19
  • Staying fit when you make cookies for a living

Listen to the Podcast Here:

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Cookie Dough Collective makes pre-mixed cookie dough that is ready-to-bake for soft, chewy cookies, or to eat straight from the tub, just like ice cream!


Quotes from the episode:

“I want cookie dough to be recognized as a legitimate dessert. Something that sits on a shelf next to the ice-cream at a supermarket. A dessert that you consider eating after dinner, not just something you eat when licking the bowl clean after making cookies.”

“I really believe in having a good sense of balance in our life. I don’t have cookie dough for breakfast.”

“Prior to Covid-19 buying packaged food online wasn’t common. Now, people recognize that it is fine and in fact a convenient thing to do. This has helped us create a new base of customers.”