New Zealand’s hospitality industry is worth more than $11 billion and as of 2019 employed close to 130,000 people. Yet as many of us know, succeeding and owning a profitable hospitality business that lasts a long time is notoriously difficult. That’s where the Restaurant Association comes in.

The Restaurant Association supports NZ’s diverse and creative hospitality businesses. They give advice, provide buying groups, give discounts and make sure our industry’s voice is heard in both the media and the government.

A common misconception is that the Restaurant Association is just for cafes and restaurants. In reality, CEO Marisa Bidois shares that they can help any business for whom food is the hero. From food delivery businesses to meal kits to even rest-homes, the Restaurant Association has helped them all. They act as a link between good food and good business. “We’re like your silent business partner, available at a moment’s notice to answer questions, offer advice, navigate the terms of your lease or advocate on your behalf, we’ve got your back”, says Marisa.

On the show today we chat about:

  • The size and diversity of NZ’s hospitality industry
  • Mentors, buyer groups, legal helplines and job boards, why all of these are important support systems
  • Stories of hope and resilience, how the hospitality industry has pivoted
  • Importance of advocacy in times of strife
  • Minimum wage, finding the right balance

Find out more about the Restaurant Association and how they can help you.

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Top Quotes:

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of diverse food from traditional Māori kai to American cuisine, if that’s a thing. I also lived in Arizona and I have fond memories of a family friend Olga who taught me how to make tamales and tortillas.”

“Owning a business is lonely. It’s nice to have someone that you can regularly check in with who has been there, done that who can help you figure out what to do next.”