How often have you been cooking in the kitchen and wished you had a second pair of hands? Or perhaps you bought a gadget (I’m sure someone else also owns a yogurt maker that’s still in its box) to help you with some of the kitchen drudgery or to help you make more exciting meals only to have it loiter on your pantry shelf unused for months?

I was in the same boat until I came across the Thermomix. The Thermomix claims to be a smart connected kitchen that in our guest Odette’s words changes your relationship with food. Owned by Vorwerk, the Thermomix is a staple in many European kitchens and in recent years has been making headway into Aussie and Kiwi homes.

It’s easy at first glance to dismiss the machine as a “$2,500 blender” just like Odette’s husband did which is why you need to really see it in action to get a feel for how it could be used in your kitchen. Thermomix consultant, Shernaz Petigara shares that she has clients who use the machine just for their businesses to make jams or ganache for cakes. She also knows a 13 year old boy who loved it so much he now cooks all weeknight dinners in it once he comes home from school! What is this sorcery? We find out!

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Is the Thermomix really just a bloody expensive blender?
  • Can a machine really change your relationship with food?
  • Why is the Thermomix not just available in a retail store?
  • How you can finally get your husband to cook!

To see the Thermomix in action or to get weeknight meal envy follow Shernaz Petigara on @peacewiththermo and Odette Smith on @thermodette . You can also email if you’d like to see it in action for yourself or head to the Thermomix NZ page on Facebook and join one of their virtual cooking classes!