If you saw him walking down the street you’d never guess his story. Cam Calkoen is a world class, international sprinting champion. It also happens that he has cerebral palsy. After winning multiple international championships, Cam decided to hang up the running shoes and become an inspirational speaker.

In his own words, both of these were strange choices given that he “walks funny, and talks funny” … this is how you know he is good humoured too.

In this incredibly interesting episode with podcast host, Ed McKnight, Cam talks about:

– A three step process for how to get in the right mindset … and more importantly, how to keep it
– His story of becoming an international sprinting champion
– How he made the transition to an inspirational speaker
– How he built his own credibility as a speaker by jumping on a plane to America.

Now, I’m going to be honest, I don’t usually buy into the whole ‘inspirational speaker’ thing. But, after leaving the podcast studio having talked to Cam – I can say this: he is the real deal.