Paul Manning: The Potconomic Revolution

Paul Manning, one of the co-founders of Helius Therapeutics joins host Darcy Ungaro and the mysterious ‘Pumpkin’ to explore something that we normally don’t speak much on: Cannabis.

A thick cloud’s slowly dissipating on a social and economic opportunity for NZ. As little as 3 years ago, it would have been ridiculous to suggest that the consumption of cannabis would soon be socially acceptable. Wow – look where we are now! 89% of Kiwi’s are now in support of cannabis reform.

This is as much about social reform as it is about translating a $1.3 billion black market industry into legitimate taxable activity. From potheads to solicitors, we’re all starting to finally realise that perhaps the harm of this drug is nothing compared to the harm of opioids and alcohol. Recreational use aside, medical use of cannabis could, and perhaps should, displace at least some of the more harmful treatments for pain, and other ailments, currently available in New Zealand.

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