Jerome Faury from Centrality joins me today and we’re discussing some of the characteristics of the new financial world we’re heading into. I’m interested in this because to develop wealth (not just manage it), we need to be open to new methods. Current financial media doesn’t explore this topic and financial advisers are rushing into endorse this sort of stuff yet (it’s confusing as heck let’s be honest, and no one’s figured out how to make money promoting it either!)

For some of us, the future is pretty far away and we honestly don’t care about this sort of thing – ‘why bother’ and ‘why should I care’?

You should care.

I suspect we’re on the edge of a shift – not just in international equity markets, but a shift when it comes to our personal faith in the current financial system. The alternative or at least one of the alternative solutions has already been built – Bitcoin. What it’s built on is what’s of interest in this episode, and in particular, how things work on the blockchain is what matters the most.

Centralised governments and corporates currently own the image of us – our data – the new oil / gold. Can we trust them? Well yes up to a point, is the short answer, as most of us currently do. Perhaps the question is, should we trust them? To answer this question we need to see how they either resist or adopt the move to more decentralised systems – why? Because decentralisation shifts power from the middle (big corporates and governments) to the edges (you and me).

If you’d like to reach out to Jerome you can reach him at Centrality or give him a call on 021 Jerome.

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