Clare Gallagher and Lauren Taylor have seven kids between them. They believe in the magic of home baking but know firsthand how messy baking with kids can be. They also know how busy life can get and recognized that while we’d all like a plate of treats to share, baking from scratch can be tedious.

When Lulu lost her job during the Covid lockdown they put their heads together and came up with an 8th baby; their business, Secret Kiwi Kitchen. Secret Kiwi Kitchen makes all natural, artisan baking mixes like a brownie mix, fudge sauces as well as a molten marshmallow sauce.

Not only do their baking mixes bring families together but they also empower kids! Lauren shares, “We got an email from a mother who shared how our mixes are empowering their kids. Her son had a shared morning tea for his rugby team and she got him our blondie kits so that he could make them himself”.

From launching in August to being stocked at Smith & Caughey’s just five months later, this is an incredible story you want to listen to!

On the show we talk about:

  • How can baking at home be made easier?
  • Getting the word out about your business in the really, early days
  • What exactly is marshmallow fluff
  • Rapidly scaling a food products business, what it takes

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