Rupert Carlyon from Koura Wealth, a KiwiSaver fund manager who states on their website, that they invest ‘according to a set of environmental social and governance principles (ESG) wherever possible’. even do a little good.

Socially responsible investing, ESG, ethical investing – these principles are nothing new, but today we’re going to run through what Koura does in order to do no harm, and dare I say, even do a little good, when investors play the game.

We’re in a season of expecting more from our investment activities – not just in the form of higher returns with lower risks, but with lower levels of social and environmental harm especially.

ESG or socially responsible investing is awesome, but I think it’s a poor substitute for actually doing good yourself. As an investor, you’re capable as a person to do far more good simply by paying more taxgiving generously and consistently, and disrupting your workplace.

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