Christine Manfield came into my life long before I met her. The recipes she wrote and compiled into her book Paramount, over 20 years ago, were my first introduction to South East Asia and I was quickly in love – with the flavours, the piquant hints of spice, the merging of ideas and cuisines into a dish. The layout was unique, the recipes were real and lengthy and resulted in layers of deliciousness and I was truly immersed.

To meet Christine used to be a dream, and at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, it became my reality. You will hear the excitement in my voice as I introduce her and throughout our chat. I really connected with Christine – well I felt as if I already knew her so hardly surprising. Her youthfulness, in spite of her age, is testament to anyone that if you work in the area you truly love and are passionate about then nothing is an obstacle for success.


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