Alex St. John brought the Silicon Valley startup mindset to the small town of Cambridge, New Zealand. Listen in as host Paul Spain walks through Alex’s fascinating backstory, his achievements facilitating a multibillion dollar change in Microsoft’s gaming trajectory with Direct X, through his New Zealand story with Nyriad (sadly, now being liquidated) – and onto the current with PlayCast in this NZ Tech Podcast special episode.

This episode shares thought provoking or possibly offensive perspectives – depending on where you stand on aspects of Silicon Valley startup culture.
Also covered are many aspects of Alex’s career which spans over three decades and several continents.

This episode is one of a number of upcoming episodes that delves deeper into the past, present and future of the New Zealand tech community – and should not be missed – whether the listener is a startup founder, an investor, government official or tech person looking to support the growth of New Zealand tech startups.

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