Welcome to a short bonus series in addition to our weekly show. In partnership with Koura Wealth, your digital KiwiSaver provider, The NZ Everyday Investor is proud to present, News of The Money-World, a short, fortnightly show, about what’s happening in the finance world and how that affects you, the everyday Kiwi.

TLA’s, or three letter acronyms: a subconscious moat of defense we collectively lay down when we need to own the support of others. In your profession, your circle of friends, your flavor of politics, you’ll have your own language, and you may not even know you’re excluding others by default. The finance industry does this also – so today, we’re going to break some of them down and discuss what we think they mean

Rupert Carlyon from koura wealth KiwiSaver is my co-host, along with Tom Botica, from Investing with Tom.