Welcome to a short fortnightly series in addition to the weekly show. In partnership with Koura Wealth, your digital KiwiSaver provider, The NZ Everyday Investor is proud to present, News of The Money-World, a show about what’s happening in the finance world and how that affects you, the everyday Kiwi.

Property is so much better than shares, except when shares are better than property!

Like anything, our brain’s yearn for the simple black or white / yes or no / up or down – here, the question is not so much which horse to back, but how to be a better rider.

In today’s chat, Rupert and Darcy discuss the following themes in relation to the question posed. We’re also proud to introduce Michaela Egbers to her first appearance on a podcast! Michaela is the marketing master behind koura, and she’s our moderator today.

  1. Liquidity (ability to convert your investment into cash easily)
  2. Divisibility 
  3. Barriers to access
  4. Social responsibility