Welcome to a short bonus series in addition to our weekly show. In partnership with Koura Wealth, your digital KiwiSaver provider, The NZ Everyday Investor is proud to present, News of The Money-World, a short, weekly show, about what’s happening in the finance world and how that affects you, the everyday Kiwi.

Rupert Carylon and me Darcy Ungaro, dissect, discuss and deliberate the latest in money news from around the world. If you’d like to listen in to these sessions live, make sure you follow the NZ Everyday Investor on Clubhouse and tune in every Wednesday at 5:30pm.

This week, we’re discussing:

The tail of Archegos Capital Management how someone went from being worth $30bn to $0 in the space of a few weeks. This episode contains the use of one foul word, a drug reference, and mention of a family SUV – listener discretion is advised.