Chris Tennent-Brown, Senior Wealth Economist at ASB, joins me in the studio today to discuss the elephant in the room, and how to eat him one bite at a time.

“This time it’s different” – yes and no. It’s different yes, but we’ve actually been here before. The rate of return you get, over and above a term deposit, is your reward for enduring times such as this.

We are in the midst of some intense market movements and it can appear quite scary at the moment. The storm WILL pass at some stage, but it pays to understand how markets will withstand what’s about to hit.

This time around the regulators are well prepared to use some tools faster than they did back in 2008 with the GFC. It’s going to be messy make no mistake and in a sense, we are at war. Our economy and our leaders are leading us to battle and our weapons are loaded.

Join Chris and I as we discuss short and medium term implications for investors and mortgage borrowers in light of Covid-19