Trump, Trade Wars, Beavers and the Banking Crisis – a chief economist breaks it all down – There’s something for everyone to get stuck into with this part one recording with Jarrod Kerr – Chief Economist at Kiwibank.

Interest rates How are they determined and what influences the level of interest rates at any given point in time?

What’s and OCR vs an MPS and why should you care? While we’re at it let’s take a tangential tour of what the 3 P’s are and how to increase the level of productivity of an economy, we need to work on all three – how does NZ measure up?

Learn how the beavers may have precipitated the very first banking crisis that you likely haven’t even heard about yet – learn some of the parallels between the banking crisis of the 1890’s and the Global Financial Crisis of 2007.

Demographics, deflation, and brief history of interest rates are explored in today’s recording and oh so much more.

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A little about Jarrod Kerr:

JP Morgan, to CBA to Credit Suisse, to CBA and now back home where he belongs at Kiwibank. Jarrod’s appetite for learning is only matched by his depth of knowledge and understanding of fixed interest markets and macro-economics.

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