How do you kickstart New Zealand’s hydrogen fuel network? Enter Ports of Auckland. It is one of the world’s first ports to open a hydrogen refuelling facility, the first stage in an ambitious plan that will eventually see the ports running on green hydrogen manufactured on-site. With a green hydrogen plant in the South Island now in scope and a fleet of hydrogen-fueled trucks already plying the main arterials, hydrogen infrastructure is on a roll.

Our new co-host, Ross Inglis, talked to sustainability general manager Rosie Mercer about the new direction for the Ports of Auckland.

Introducing Ross!

This week, Vincent is joined by new co-host Ross Inglis, a Kiwi comms executive who has spent many years in Asia working in telecommunications and tech sectors. Returning to NuZild four years ago, Ross has doubled down on his passion for bikes, ditched his car and thrown his wait behind causes such as Bike Auckland.

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