Is your KiwiSaver invested in porn, weapons and ciggies? Does it have a stake in fossil fuels and palm oil plantations? How would you know? And what can you do? Barry Coates founded Mindful Money to dig into such investment conundrums, reveal where the money flows and provide ethical alternatives. The former Greens MP and Oxfam CEO talked to Vincent about radical transparency, the power of investors, the excitement of ideas and his own Damascus Road conversation to a greener, sustainable world.

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About Mindful Money

Mindful Money provides free insights into the investments of KiwiSaver funds. Only 1% of current KiwiSaver funds exclude investments in porn, gambling and animal cruelty. Only 2% exclude fossil fuels. Mindful Money allows you to choose your ethical criteria and recommends the funds that match. It gets paid a small fee when you switch funds. Check it out.