In this episode, we explore the foundations for property investment – the goal here is to get a good solid base down before building anything on top of it.

This episode ties in with a free e-book, that we’re happy to provide upon request.

Foundations go deep, they’re often unseen, but they do need to be strong, whatever material you use. What this episode does not cover, are specifics around strategies: Things like tax structures and ownership vehicles, identifying the right investment property for your goals, interest only vs principal and interest loans, co-owning property or shared equity models etc. These are great things to explore in further episodes but they are not what I would consider foundations, they would instead form part of your strategy, and ideally would be specific to you.

We’re covering this topic in the context of property, but in some part, these foundations could be applied across the other asset classes like cash, fixed interest, equities and alternatives – so you’re not wasting your time here if property isn’t your gig.

We’re going to cover 9 topics in this episode and they are:

1 – Property investment – Is it a good idea?

2 – Good debt – bad debt – or no debt?

3 – Capital gains vs cashflow?

4 – Identifying your objectives

5 – What can go wrong?

6 – Assumptions

7 – The other options

8 – The reason why

9 – What’s holding you back? Real or mental restrictions.

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