Damon Gameau was already a well respected Aussie actor before taking a chance and filming himself in an experiment around the effects of sugar in our diet. He wasn’t sure the film would even make it to the public – he certainly was not aware of the effects on his body that the experiment would have, and he definitely did not think that he would become a Food Advocate – highlighting the importance of eating ‘real food’, mostly vegetables and fruits and certainly limiting or cutting out the processed stuff.

Our chat is an important one as it centres around family health, and encouraging everyone to take the time to understand the differences between food processed for you and what you are able to gain from eating delicious natural foods. He and I share our views on banning of foods for kids; on cooking from scratch and how food plays an integral part in our health – mind and body.
If you love food, if you love yourself and your family – then this episode is vital.
BUT don’t imagine that it is dry and boring – not a chance.

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