eddie-pajeEddie Paje started cooking in his family’s commercial kitchen at 14 years old and quickly realised he wanted to be a Chef.  His mother, a Chef for 27 years, imparted her wisdom on technique and traditional cooking – and his belief still lies in that all cooking stems from tradition.

Eddie loves natural flavours, combining of spices and playing with traditional food to bring it to the contemporary table.

Cooking for Eddie is so much more than just the food. It is about an expression of culture, a presentation of a story on a plate. He is passionate and creative  He loves his food and his family and his customers play a firm pivotal role in his life too.

Eddie is lively and engaging and travels to learn about new flavours and techniques whenever he can take a break from running his restaurant, Neptune, at the Viaduct in the heart of Auckland.

I loved chatting with Eddie – and we wholly agree on the essential element of teaching our kids to cook.

He says for him as a chef, food is life. ‘When you eat really good food it makes your soul happy and it brings everyone together……That’s why it’s important for children to learn how to cook when they’re young.’

Special thanks to Eddie for being on the podcast.

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