Lalele foodtruck operators Mulan & Nathan with Food, Family & Friends Podcast host Vanessa Baxter (middle).

Lalele is the brainchild of Nathan and Mulan who set about coming up with a healthy delicious treat for their own children – and then sharing it with the world.  This is true small batch locally made, organic gelato.

Mulan a Chinese immigrant who worked 7 days a week in her parents Fruit and Veg shop was wooed by her customer Nathan who romantically (or strategically) encouraged her to join him for dinner and then romanced her until she became his wife.  They now have 4 children and a rather time hungry Food Truck, where they have combined their passion and experience into a business that has truly become their life.

From building their own production kitchen, to working as a family at all the Street Food venues they can find – this is a story of starting from scratch – of grit and determination. It is a moving tale of long nights followed by exhausting days.

Why do they do it? Because they are passionate about bringing their healthy options to the community.  They are uplifted by their customer feedback and the continued positive vibe they get when out in their truck. They love the community of other vendors, who are building their own community together.

This is not an episode to highlight the romance of the Food Industry, nor is it an effort to put you off.  More it is the story of a journey of one couple who have been compelled by their own passion for natural flavours and the dream to one day own a property where they can grow their produce and continue to produce an organic and vegan gelato range.

See Lalele Organic Facebook page for posts, photos, reviews and upcoming events they will be serving their Gourmet Vegan Popolato – Pops.

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