So what’s in Kiwisaver actually?

Cash (low risk, low return, quite boring)

Fixed interest (slightly more spicy but still pretty low risk and boring)

Property (more risk, more return)

Equities (Shares – higher risk/uncertainty, but greatest chance of a good return over the long term)

Just like a diet, your investment portfolio should ideally be diversified – with contributions going towards all four of these asset classes. Depending your ‘investment profile’ the % allocated to each of the four categories will change.

Rather than be satisfied with the ‘default’ option that you may be in, take the time to get into this just a little – if you can be that much more informed about your Kiwisaver, then you’re more likely to feel good about those contributions/

Derek and Darcy discuss the details of what’s in this box of goodness we call Kiwisaver


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