Noho is a Kiwi furniture start-up taking Kiwi sustainability to the USA. Noho’s chairs are made of recycled fishing nets and the first of a line of products that CEO, Richard Shirtcliffe, says are rethinking what wellbeing means for home and for the planet.  Now based in chilly burbs of Boulder Colorado, the former boss of Tuatara Beer and Coffee Supreme is leading the charge to take Noho to the USA. We spoke to him about riots, rubbish, recycling and reclining his way into success.

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About Noho

Noho – meaning to sit or to dwell in Te Reo Maori – is a Wellington-based sustainable furniture maker with strong connections to Formway Furniture – the company that brought us the amazing Life Chair. Richard Shirtcliffe is the founding CEO of Noho, and former boss of much-loved Kiwi brands Phil&Teds, Tuatara Beer and Coffee Supreme.