You wouldn’t think it, especially when hob-knobbing with the banking elite (as I don’t!), but NZ is growing something pretty cool in the blockchain world.

Our #8 way of thinking and innovating is expressing itself in in the web 3.0 digital realm- Kiwi’s are solving problems using blockchain technology right under our noses, and it’s fantastic. Andy Higgs, the GM of a company called Centrality, joins me today. Centrality is one of these firms at the epicentre of this innovation – ground zero if you like.

This month I’m taking you on a bit of a journey around blockchain and with this episode, we’re covering Bitcoin. Don’t worry, we’ll go mainstream again soon – well, one day, heck, this will be mainstream.

It’s important in the context of wealth development, that you at least consider this strategy: that some of your wealth is denominated using a currency from the future. Value is evolving and web 3.0 is all about this.

Mike Novogratz, as mentioned in the podcast, is a great person to follow on Youtube and social media if you’re into this sort of thing – check him out presenting recently on something called ‘the herd is still coming’.

If you’d like to learn more about Centrality or to collaborate in some way, get in touch with them here.

**Note that investing in Bitcoin is extremely high risk, please proceed with caution.** Please do not, even though it is tempting, decide to purchase Bitcoin as a result of listening to any of the content on these shows. If you do, however, wish to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, and you have decided this based on your own research, I recommend using VIMBA. By visiting them and signing up using that link will result in a small payment being paid (at no extra cost to you) from Vimba to us.

Special offer from Centrality:

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