This episode is a re-release of a recording done last year, when Bitcoin was at $6,500 USD each, and I personally knew nothing about it – you can tell!

Sam Blackmore, CEO and co-founder of Vimba (known back then as mybitcoinsaver) is featured on this episode.

Given the recent ‘flare-up’ in the price action of Bitcoin, and the associated attention that this emerging asset class is now receiving, it’s critical that New Zealanders understand more about what this is – ideally not after the rest of the world has figured it out!

If you would like to financially support this episode, and you’re interested in starting your own Bitcoin adventure, please click on our affiliate link with VIMBA. We receive a very small portion of the fee revenue that VIMBA receives if you purchase Bitcoin through them. Please remember though, investing in Bitcoin is high risk, and we’re not giving you formal investment advice here – proceed with caution and do your own independent research.