Freak Out or Buckle Up Baby!? Interesting international events could impact NZ big time – is this good or bad? In Part Two we continue the discussion with Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist at Kiwibank.

In some parts of Europe, interest rates have actually been negative – what does this actually look like and what does this mean for an economy when you have to pay for the privilege of storing money there?

Growth in NZ may be slow, but it should be in the right direction from here at least – slow and steady wins the race. As the centre of trade pivots around to the East, how does NZ benefit? It’s not just about China, it’s India too we should watch out for and even start preparing now for.

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A little about Jarrod Kerr:

JP Morgan, to CBA to Credit Suisse, to CBA and now back home where he belongs at Kiwibank. Jarrods appetite for learning is only matched by his depth of knowledge and understanding of fixed interest markets and macro-economics.

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