What is your greatest asset?

It’s you!

Specifically, we’re talking about your health today – nib’s CEO Rob Hennin joins me to discuss.


What’s an asset?

Anything that produces an income.

Financially speaking, you’re the net present value of all future income streams that you can create.

Would it, therefore, make sense to insure your greatest asset?

Today, we’re talking about your health with nib’s CEO, Rob Hennin.

In this episode we cover questions like:

  • Why bother with medical insurance when the public health system is so good?
  • Why bother putting our children on health insurance plans when they likely won’t use it?
  • Why do my premiums keep going up?

In addition to having Rob speak on today’s session, I’ve included a bonus 7-step checklist around medical insurance. From the perspective of an insurance adviser, I’ve prepared this as a general tool to provide a base level of knowledge for anyone, and their family, to listen to to get up to speed on all the important questions to ask.

Should you wish to find out more about nib, please visit their website here

Should you desire to be introduced to an insurance adviser in your area, please email me on darcy.ungaro@nzeverydayinvestor.com

As with every episode, please do not act on any ‘guidance’ you receive by listening to these podcasts – get your own individual advice based on your personal circumstances before making a decision around medical insurance.



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