Welcome again to the Kiwi Foodcast. Today on the show we have Kevin Ngadisastra, one half of the duo behind the Popup that has been taking Wellington by storm, Townhouse Ramen. Kevin’s ramen journey began in 2016 with a trip to Japan. But he is actually a systems analyst by day and not a chef! How did Kevin’s love affair with ramen begin? Can you run a successful food business if you also work full time? How can YOU score a seat at one of his pop ups? Let’s chat to him and find out!

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Favourite Quotes:

“I wanted to name the popup Kevin Ramen at the time, but my partner wasn’t too fond of the idea”.

“We use an app to export our comments on Instagram into our spreadsheet. I then wrote some code that would choose the people we invite to the popup. It’s a bit nerdy, but I love my spreadsheets! It was a way of managing all the demand”.

“There is not really a day that goes by when I don’t think about ramen. Making ramen from scratch is a lot of work. The broth can take anywhere from eight to sixteen hours, the eggs take three days to marinate, and the noodles take ages too. It’s definitely a labour of love”.