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Some of you listening may shortly feel a lump of lead in your belly, like the sky is falling all around you and the end is nigh – truth is independent of you knowing about it. Ignorance to this stuff is bliss, but it’s also super dangerous I wonder – so my goal is to get you thinking today of course, and I’d like you to consider how standing up today may be the best shot at being able to stand tomorrow. That sounds like some sort of quote someone else said so apologies if that was you – anyway …. some of you may feel like perhaps I’m suffering mental health issues – honestly, that’s the most benign outcome I’d hope for.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have genuine concerns of a communist takeover of the South Pacific, but I have used that as an example to show that it’s not about intellectual reasoning here, it’s about feelings.

Some super helpful links:

The life-cycle of nations which outlines the seven stages that all states in the past have followed

An article on what’s happening in UAE:

NZ Trade minister tells us the truth:

New Zealand and the CCP’s ‘magic weapons’ by Anne-Marie Brady : 2018

Curious timing of North Korea missile test:

Summary of the Art of War:

Russia and China ramp up informal alliance:

Russia, Iran and China alliance:


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