Of course this isn’t an ‘either or’ thing here just like so many areas of investing, but I’ve yet to see any finance commentators touch on this topic, Here goes!

Simultaneous investing is most likely the smartest thing for many of us to do – no matter if it’s a lump sum to invest, or you have a regular amount to invest which is the same each time, investing in a bunch of stuff all at once could be the way to go. You’ve decided perhaps on the ideal portfolio, so why not contribute to everything all at the same time? This makes sense especially, if you’re a fan of diversification and not timing the market.

Sequential investing on the other hand, is about focusing on building up key elements of your portfolio one after another, ideally starting with the higher risk components first. Given this is a more concentrated strategy which offers little diversification through time (as you’re focusing all your investing power in just one area before moving on), it lends itself to smaller, satellite components of your portfolio.

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