The old maxim “Do as I say, not as I do” is not just widely used by parents talking to their kids, but also by customers giving feedback to companies they buy from.  As customers we will say one thing, and do another.

Professional people-watcher (aka anthropologist), Corina Enache is using the power of observation to figure out what people actually do – not what they say they do.

She has sold coke to Romanians, skin care to Germans, and Cosmetics to Brazilians. She has travelled the world and seen it all. Now she works with some of New Zealand’s largest companies seeing what really makes them tick.

In this fascinating and eye-opening interview with podcast host, Ed McKnight, Corina talks about her background working in three very different countries, getting a Masters degree in anthropology – despite having no training, and why anthropology is perhaps the best skill to learn if you truly want to be successful in business.