Each week, the subscribers to the NZ Everyday Investor podcast consistently increases, and is one of NZ’s most popular, award-winning, podcasts. More ‘Everyday’ Kiwi’s from all walks of life have than ever, have been exposed to views around building wealth, that are not only mainstream, but also a little ‘off the beaten track.’

As we approach the 2 year anniversary mark of the podcast, I’d like to share the three most downloaded episodes.

Number 3

Increasing Financial Capability

Is it your smarts or your starting point that determines your success at building wealth – not likely! Tom Hartmann, managing editor at the Commission For Financial Capability joins me to discuss in this episode.

It’s easy to assume those who are wealthy are ‘lucky’. Lucky enough to have great parents, go to a good school, get a good education then a good job. In reality, true financial capability comes from keeping your eye on the prize – forgetting the past and driving clear on into the future.

While we all have different starting points, there’s always, even in very small increments, something we can do to increase our own financial capability. Perhaps is controlling and being aware of your spending? Perhaps it’s reviewing your KiwiSaver fund and provider? Maybe it’s time to consider the question of whether or not you should pay down your mortgage aggressively, or invest?

Number 2

What’s the Deal with Commercial Property?

It’s still property investment, but unless you’ve done it before, it’s not what you think it is.

Many residential property investors, ‘when they grow up’, often turn to commercial property – is this a reflection in a higher level of understanding of the investor, or simply a hunt for yield?

Many have assumed that during the lockdown associated with Covid-19, Commercial property has taken a huge hit – like everything, it’s easy to assume that this type of property investment is a homogenous product. It’s not. Recently I checked in with Brandon Wilcox, one of the special guests in this episode to see how things were going with their fund – this is what he said:

“The fund is doing really, really well. We had to give a small number of rent abatements but most of our tenants are essential services. The abatements we did give accounted for about 18% of our rent roll for that period, but offsetting that was the reduction in interest rates thanks to the way our loan is structured (45% LVR), with the net effect being that we will maintain our full 6% dividend this quarter. It’s a marketers dream to say we have paid 6% every single quarter since the fund was established in 2017, and right through the Covid-19 pandemic!”

Number 1

What is Sharesies?

Democratisation – the action of making something accessible to everyone.

Giving the person with 1 cent the same opportunities as the person with $1m is one of the foundation principles used by the founders of Sharesies to bring their product to the market. Leighton Roberts and Sonya Williams, two of the co-founders of Sharesies, join me to discuss.

Sharesies is proving to be one of NZ top online investment platforms. Not only can you access ETF’s (exchange traded funds) across a range of sectors, but you can also buy individual shares, in theory, with as little as 1 cent!. If you’re trying to teach your kids more about money and investing, or if you’re into accessing overseas sharemarkets also, Sharesies can be a really great platform to use.

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