Welcome to a short fortnightly series in addition to the weekly show. In partnership with Koura Wealth, your digital KiwiSaver provider, The NZ Everyday Investor is proud to present, News of The Money-World, a show about what’s happening in the finance world and how that affects you, the everyday Kiwi.


What is ‘Square’, why did they purchase AfterPay, and why is this potentially much bigger news than what you may initially think?

Are you down with CCP – is China just doing things (the communist way), that perhaps we should be doing also – and by we I mean the Government? The three pillars of society are significantly unbalanced – but here the imbalanced leg of Government is eating the head of corporations with a ferocity we haven’t seen before.

Jobs data is much stronger than what was initially expected – OMG, did all the financial engineering a la quantitative easing and artificially low interest rates actually work?!

Enjoy the show and PLEASE please, please, do not buy shares in Square because of what we covered today – do your own research outside of what we covered here.