Make your own KiwiSaver – that’s right! Ryan Goldsmith, from Craigs Investment Partners, joins me to discuss how it all works…and more!

“KiwiSaver is the best financial gateway-drug on the market.”


As a tool to increase financial capability among everyday NZ’ers, KiwiSaver has done great things. But self-employed people have been left behind and that needs to change. Perhaps if this type of investment vehicle had a bit more customization potential it could appeal more to these non-PAYE mavericks? What if there was a DIY, make-your-own KiwiSaver out there?

Wait…there is!

Ryan Goldsmith joins me today from Craig’s Investment Partners. What I like about Ryan, an authorised financial adviser, is that he’s an everyday guy – heck, he used to work at a pub just up the road from me!

Financial advisers are not always bald, white, drunk and fat – sometimes they’re normal people. This is good.

In this podcast we discuss:

How to create a KiwiSaver fund that is as unique as you are…a very special snowflake…ahhhwww

How to invest in gold using KiwiSaver

The benefits of paying attention to KiwiSaver

Special message to self-employed people

As per this episode, if you’re not enrolled in KiwiSaver and you’re self-employed, you need to deal with this now. Contact Ryan, or someone like Ryan, or check out many of the other options out there to get enrolled with KiwiSaver now.