Having grown up in the UK, Becky Erwood has been a long-time consumer of frozen (and fresh) ready to eat meals. It’s a mature market overseas and the food you buy is generally excellent quality. When Becky moved to NZ, she realized that a similar concept didn’t really exist in NZ and her only option was to go back to the kitchen and cook.

In our conversation, she rightly identifies that, ““You can love cooking and be really good at it, but you may not have the time or the inclination to cook seven days a week.” To solve this problem, Becky Erwood co-founded Get Fed, a company that provides ready-made meals delivered to your door. The menu rotates weekly and customers can either place a one-off order or can subscribe to a weekly family plan. When compared to meal kits or takeout, the difference is that there is no cooking or planning involved, simply reheating.

On this episode we talk about:

  • Being a foodie but not wanting to cook daily
  • The process of researching, creating a business plan and finding a co-founder
  • The growing trend of ready to eat meals in New Zealand
  • Ready to eat meals compared to takeout, is it the same?
  • The evolving stay at home economy and what it means for services like Get Fed

Listen to the Podcast Here:

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Get Fed has meal options for people that are health-focused, for children or even for those that like to explore new cuisines.

Quotes from the episode:

 “I am a foodie. I love eating but I do not like cooking. There is a clear need for someone else to do the cooking for you.”

“Our product is designed to be meals you eat any night of the week. They are a grab and go product. This is quite different to takeout which can be a process. Our product is ready to go when you need it, whether that is a retail fridge or your own fridge.”

“I’m proud to say that as a family we don’t cook. I don’t have any shame in saying that. We eat FED most of the time and we love it.”

“I used to do the meal kits and until recently it was the only option out there aside from takeout. But I found them incredibly stressful. The one thing that motivated me to start Get Fed was that there was this huge pressure to put a meal on the table at the end of the day and I didn’t have time or the motivation to make vinaigrette’s or breading chicken.”

Get Fed: www.getfed.co.nz