Yes, it’s property investment, but not as you know it! Increasingly, there are new options now where everyday Kiwi’s can partake of the benefits of property investment without directly holding it.

We’re moving, quickly, into a world where access to traditional assets is under pressure. Those that have, continue to accrue. Those who don’t have, are left further behind. Contained in this problem however, is a significant opportunity. Can (should) government help? Will complaining do anything? I doubt it. Here’s what I do know though – private enterprise is rising to the challenge yet again to address the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

Owning property directly will become more challenging in the new world. When you understand the role of a fund manager and custodial service however, you can begin to see how property fractionalisation could be the cure to multiple challenges at once. The PLPF is yet another manifestation of financial innovation occurring from established players in the market.

Di Papadopoulos from Booster joins me in the studio today. We’re discussing the following:

1 – What’s PLPF?

2 – What does Booster do?

3 – How do fund managers view financial advisers?

4 – Kids and money

5 – Investing in New Zealand

Go here to learn more about the PLPF, including what it stands for.

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